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Commercial Construction

Over the last decade, the principals of YZM have been involved in the construction and development of over half a million square feet of commercial property in Texas, from banks and shopping centers to single-tenant leaseholds and national retailers. Whether our role is to serve as a general contractor or construction manager, we take an unyielding approach to delivering on time and within budget.   We are consistent with successfully working closely with tenant reps and business owners towards the same goal: building quality products and creating inherent value for our clients.



Preconstruction services plan a project before construction starts. Often known as preconstruction or precon. YZM Construction does much more than merely make cost projections for projects. Initial client meetings, planning, timelines, research, value analysis, permits, land purchasing, and more are included. Our designer will help to plan, manage and coordinate safety during this phase.

General Contracting

It is a business that agrees to oversee a project, particularly a building project, provide employees and materials, and may use subcontractors to complete specific tasks. YZM Construction approaches every project, whatever its size or scale, with the utmost responsibility and devotion. We think that planning is just as crucial to the process as doing it.

Construction Management

Construction management is a specialized professional service that applies project management methods and procedures to monitor a project's design, planning, and execution from start to finish. Professionals at YZM Construction have the knowledge, skill, and dedication to detail required to supervise and manage your project as well as take care of cost, safety, and quality.

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Houston, TX 77042

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