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Construction Management

Under the Construction Management at Risk approach, the Owner enters into an agreement with a Contractor early in the design process which allows the project to be designed and built in partnership with the Design Professional, the Contractor, and the Owner in an environment that fosters creativity, innovation, constructibility, frugality, and quality, for the best price possible in today’s market.

Because of this teamwork and partnering, this method provides many advantages to Owners who deem quality, cost, and schedule of the utmost importance. These advantages include establishing a reliable budget, reducing design errors, and providing transparency with fees and costs. At a 50% to 60% design level is an ideal time to enter into this partnership to optimize the best value for the project. The preconstruction phase allows for the delivery of a quality product that responds to the needs of the Owner.

A large number of YZM's projects are delivered via the Construction Management at Risk approach. Our preconstruction team knows how to effectively work with the design team by providing input and value engineering suggestions.

Structured Construction Management Services

Construction projects can be overwhelming for owners, even if it’s not their first. The logistics required for even small-scope projects can quickly become intimidating. That’s where our construction management services come in. We’ll review all aspects of the project, listen to your goals and concerns, and expertly carry out the project until the end, so you can have peace of mind.

Our construction management professionals have the experience, talent, and attention to detail needed to oversee and make sound decisions for your project. A construction manager is ultimately a quality manager.  At YZM Construction, we make it a point to understand what’s going on at every stage to ensure we’re headed in the right direction for a functionally and financially viable project.


Our Process


We get together, speak, and listen. The initial consultation is a thrilling journey of discovery. You will be working with one of our skilled home remodeling experts who understand design, zoning, building codes, and the entire pre-construction phase. You will discuss the goals, design ideas, and preferences for your new project, as well as budgeting and timelines. We will also walk you through the design process and expose you to our large library of materials.


The design process begins with an assessment of the existing area, followed by listening to your feedback and working with our designer to develop designs that are consistent with your style, budget, and timetable. We can develop realistic 3D renderings and video walk-throughs that bring the project to life, allowing you to visualise the space before it is built. Once the design is complete, we will go over the material specifications in great detail to generate a detailed Scope of Work and Construction Contract that can be carried out in the next stage.


The construction drawings and site plan for the Building Permit submission are complete. You will begin to work with one of our skilled Selections Coordinators during this period to narrow down your selections for fixtures and finishes that complement your style and budget. Your options and selections are made in a systematic manner that complies with the YZM Construction Schedule


With the construction plans and selections completed and all approvals in place, we are now ready to turn your imagination into a reality. Our YZM Project Manager will develop a building timeline that includes all expected work dates. Our project manager is in charge of purchasing and receiving materials, managing a team of craftsmen and trade specialists, coordinating inspections, and ensuring the quality of the project. We will treat your home with care and respect, and we will build your dream to a higher standard

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