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7 Key Elements to Make a Victorian-Style Home renovation Houston

According to a recent report, in the USA, Victorian architecture is one of the most prevalent and well-liked historical home designs. But what makes them so popular?

Everyone wants the ideal balance of sophistication and modernity incorporated into a beautiful design. Along with the modern minimalist design and gothic artwork, the Victorian-Style home renovation includes antiques.

Here, fantasy and class come together to celebrate the industrial revolution with a party.

The Victorian era gave rise to some of the greatest historical works of art known to man, along with numerous crown moldings and jewel tones for added opulence.

Even though the 19th century and the Victorian era may have long since passed us by, traditional Victorian architecture and interior design trends continue to be a coveted way to demonstrate opulence.

Find The Best Victorian Homes For the 21st Century

We at YZM construction have successfully completed hundreds of Victorian home renovations Houston area, with structural alterations.

Keeping in mind our expertise and the latest trends that we’ve incorporated into our projects, today, we'll talk about the various decorative arts and furniture styles for Victorian-style interior design to modern-day living.

The Top 7 Victorian Decorating Home Renovation Ideas

We want to start by letting you know that a Victorian home doesn't always have to serve as a reminder of the industrial age. For a modern take on the era, you can easily combine Victorian furnishings with minimalism or modern themes.

1. Decide on A Color Scheme

The wallpaper is where Victorian décor starts, though. Everything from gothic damask to bright colors combined with golden tones was popular during this time. Nevertheless, you can pick the wall coverings that most closely match your personal style.

For example, using woodwork for furniture styles and jewel tones for paint colors both work wonders. To make the space cohesive, add some paintings and Victorian furnishings.


● Victorian homes are all about elegance

● Strike a balance when using bold colors and home furnishings.

● Don't overdo anything; the end result should be minimalistic.

2. Include Wooden Flooring and Wall Paneling

Do you have any knowledge of dado paneling? With its help, put a Victorian spin on your lovely home. Wainscoting is almost always installed in Victorian homes to add natural wood to the interior.

This feature enhances the beauty of organic materials and represents how far humanity has progressed in its ability to live comfortably and harmoniously.

Parquet is yet another fantastic option for utilizing wood in the home. The flooring system has a perfect appearance and exudes elegance.

3. Consider the Crystal Chandeliers

Everywhere you look in a Victorian home, you will see mirrors, stained glass windows, and opulent chandeliers. By simply diffusing light from various sources, these reflective surfaces are used to brighten the home.

The chandeliers themselves have numerous bulbs suspended from intricate metal and glass frameworks.

Alternative for high-cost decorative lighting:

You can always go with the low-cost glass pieces and LED chandeliers if you want to include these lighting options in a middle-class home. Although they aren't expensive, they certainly give your Victorian home more dignity.

4. Fabrics and Window Coverings

Victorian interior design heavily emphasizes textiles. With a few easy additions of cheap fabric, a house can go from plain to elegant.

Start with Windows:

● Emphasize window coverings.

● Long, thick window coverings in neutral colors are typical of Victorian architecture.

● A layer is often an eye-catching color of textured fabric upholstery that provides richness to your proposed design.

● To allow light to enter, one layer is gathered to the side.

Last but not least, in the interior design of the Victorian home remodel in Houston, you can hang tapestries around pricey paintings and furniture pieces along the wall. Without overtly flaunting their wealth, they assist in making your room's focal point.

5. Add Lots of Lighting

You may remember how audaciously lit up Blair Waldorf's penthouse residence was throughout the day.

Victorian homes benefit greatly from the abundance of natural light provided by their long, French windows and glass panels, which gives them a spacious, airy feel.

The homeowners enjoy the light while eating, reading a book on the bay window seat, or even when they are hosting guests in the parlor.

Along with the previously discussed chandeliers and natural light, you also need quieter lighting for evening entertainment. Victorian homes look best with accent lighting and yellow colors. They bravely highlight the focal points while maintaining a somber atmosphere for dusk.

The custom may have started during the 19th century when people preferred to go to bed early and wake up early in order to start their days on a productive note. This is the main cause of the daytime brightness and the evening dullness of the lights.

6. Create A Traditional Bathroom

A claw-footed tub that is lined with a curtain rail, is a requirement for a traditional bathroom with the following elements:

● They must have carved exquisite sinks with a mirror on top.

● The bathroom is either located apart from the bathing area or is separated by a door.

● The shower enclosures in Victorian bathrooms must be completely covered in metal artwork.

● Use some homemade items to decorate the space if you're stuck for ideas.

Keep in mind the era and how, whenever possible, they incorporated classic architecture and fixtures. The victorian design places a strong emphasis on metallic pieces.

7. Keep Living Things in Mind

Last but certainly not least, living things like plants and flowers are constantly strewn throughout Victorian homes.

● Long-stemmed flowers can be placed in vases throughout the rooms.

● The living room, dining hall, and bedrooms are all must be available for seating.

● Homeowners in the Victorian era had a preference for orchids, roses, Magnolias, and similar species.

● Indoor plants, whether flowering or not, are a lovely addition to these beauties.

You can grow a small garden on your balcony, and having a backyard is the icing on the cake.

Final Words

Victorian design concepts can be incorporated into any theme. A modern home with a dark theme can be furnished with Victorian furniture or decorated with rustic elements.

However, one very distinctive aspect of the Victorian style is celebrated. Each item is significant and not a byproduct of mass production. Be it art, literature, socializing, equal rights, fashion trends, or new horizons of status, the Victorian era was all about discovery.

By implementing these trendy elements, you can renovate your home with Victorian-inspired by collaborating with us, a licensed custom home builder in Houston, who have years of rich experience.

We are aware that every property has distinct features and difficulties, and we'd be pleased to discuss these with you in hopes of helping you choose and offer a service that is specifically customized to your needs.

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