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Top Home Renovation Trends in Houston for 2023

Updated: Mar 11

Did you know? According to new research from HomeAdvisor, homeowners in Houston who spend money upgrading their property may expect some of the highest returns on their investment in the country. After Dallas-Fort Worth and Miami, Houston was shown to have the third-highest home renovation ROI among American cities.

Creating or upgrading to a new custom home is your opportunity for a fresh start. You have the chance to critically evaluate each room in your current home and determine what you like in light of current home renovation trends as well as what has not been functional for you and your family. Along with deciding on your overall interior design aesthetic, there are many other decisions, both big and small, to be made.

Browse through our list of the top 10 home improvement trends in Houston if you're planning to renovate your home in the upcoming year or are just considering your alternatives.

Top Trends for Your Next Home Renovation Project in 2023

Investigating current trends and cutting-edge technology can be helpful as you begin the design phase of your new splendor home. You never know what might be discovered to improve and hone your original vision.

1. Kitchen Islands With Seating Options

Islands serve a variety of functions for many families, including cooking, dining, and socializing. Large, multi-height islands with a table-like overhang and an integrated seating area, however, are increasingly taking the place of conventional islands in luxury custom homes. This contemporary style not only looks good, but it also offers a more comfortable area for working, eating, or doing homework.

2. Wi-Fi-Enabled Faucets for Bathrooms and Kitchens

As smart home accessories improve connectivity and convenience, homeowners are gradually moving toward them. As a result of this shift, more smart taps will likely be found in modern homes' bathrooms and kitchens.

Some are controlled by the touch of a hand, while others can be activated by a sensor or by voice command. There are models available that use technology to help regulate the flow and temperature of the water as well as to warn you when something is wrong or leaking.

3. The End of Tonal Gray Rooms

Over the past ten years, designing rooms in a variety of shades of gray has become extremely popular as a departure from the all-white aesthetic. Grey, however, is beginning to lose prominence, particularly when used in excess.

In fact, this year's design trends have moved away from monochromatic pale-colored spaces in general, including those that are entirely white, beige, or taupe. Instead, homeowners are carefully selecting monochromatic color schemes like cobalt blue, Kelly green, or deep aubergine that express their individuality, audacity, and elegance.

4. The Evolution of Earth Tone

Cold tones are no longer acceptable. Earth tones are popular right now. Homeowners are choosing saturated earth tones for walls, furniture, flooring, and hardware as the industrial style becomes less popular, and they look to create layered spaces that are warm and characterized by their personalities.

The natural colors garnet red, chocolate brown, yellow ochre, olive green, and wine are some of the ones that are becoming increasingly popular in custom Houston homes. These colors all go well with natural materials and finishes.

5. The Grand millennial Look

Since the beginning of 2023, the Grand Millennial’s trend has been surging rapidly. Some home designing experts call it Granny Chic or the New Traditionalist look. This classically inspired style is a little bit more eclectic, mixing more contemporary pieces like contemporary art, clean-line furniture, and vibrant colors with more traditional ones like scalloped lampshades, embroidered linens, topiaries, and delicate chandeliers.

6. Dim Interior Doors

In 2023, it will no longer be acceptable to have white trim and doors that are identical. As an alternative, think about painting your interior doors a deep, rich color to achieve a bolder and more artistic look.

They can bring warmth and character to various rooms throughout your home when used with the appropriate hardware. In addition, they differ from the conventional white doors in having a little more character and drama.

7. Vintage Lighting

You might want to think about incorporating antique lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers, brass sconces, Victorian pendants, and distinctive Art Deco pieces, whether you're choosing home renovation Houston, remodeling a historic home, or building a brand-new custom home with a traditional twist.

Without making the space appear overly stuffy or dated, lighting is a good place to incorporate a touch of traditional elegance. One of the most popular finishes in the current decade is soft gold.

8. Quartz and Other Manufactured Countertops

Countertops made of granite and marble are no longer as popular as they once were. Nowadays, homeowners prefer alternatives like quartz, porcelain, and synthetic materials because of their durability and ease of maintenance. There are also new varieties of quartz that are almost identical to marble. When it comes to maintenance, they are just as luscious and lovely but also simpler and more practical.

9. Applying Biophilic Interior Design

Biophilic design, which includes elements like a living wall, a low-maintenance next-gen bio montage, and hanging plants, is another trend that is influenced by people's growing desire to be close to nature.

Designing a room that is imbued with natural solar light, greenery, recycled resources, and patterns is supposed to have great impacts on both human health and the environment. This is because it incorporates humanity's greatest innate love of nature. In 2023, interior design trends will still favor the use of recycled and renovated materials, such as reclaimed wood.

10. Designing Spaces with Multiple Purposes

There has never been a more crucial time to have a home office or workspace. Although it's beneficial to have a dedicated area for handling work-related tasks, you can make the most of a home office by combining it with a closet, custom cabinets for storage, or a pull-out sofa to host overnight visitors. By including such features, you can maintain your sense of privacy and solitude while working while also allowing the room to be used for a variety of other activities when you're not working.

Final Words

The process of creating a design plan for a brand-new custom home renovation Houston or an upgrade of an older home can be difficult and time-consuming. You can streamline and simplify the process by seeking assistance from an expert.

Moreover, you should connect with a leading remodeling and construction company based in Houston. They’ll offer you top-quality assistance, home renovation solutions, and end-to-end communication, from start to finish of a project.

When combining their knowledge and experience with your vision to build a custom home, the adept team at YZM construction leaves no stone unturned to achieve the results you want.

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